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Ezra Productions

Photography and Videography · Los Angeles California United States

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At Ezra Productions, we create emotionally compelling, meaningful videos that are designed to communicate your brand's key messages and engage your potential and current clients. After viewing your HD videos in crisp 1080p, your clients will be touched, moved, even inspired by our fresh, youthful ideas and an imprint will be left in their minds. We are a company of engaging, inspired artists and businesspeople who approach the world with a sense of wonderment grounded in wisdom. We are dedicated to telling your story cinematically in its most authentic, candid form.  Our teams of producers, videographers, and editors have diverse backgrounds ranging from video production, finance, marketing, public relations, to childhood development. Our commonality lies in that we turn problems into possibility using our youthful inquisitiveness guided by our experience and intuition.  Our astute observation of human behavior allows us to capture your family's smallest, most poignient moments. Combined with our technical ability, we are able to weave those moments together into beautiful videos that touch, move, and inspire. Our business experience allows us to do this all in the most cost effective way possible. We believe that everyone has a story to tell, and that every story deserves to be told. Stories are the backbones of our families and our brands. They are the reason we do what we do, and how we do it.  Life is largely defined by our relationships. In our business, we seek to build meaningful, long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We find having a relationship with your family and your business and contributing to your family's life history and your business's success to be gratifying in its most basic form. We offer: INTERVIEW-STYLE MARKETING VIDEOS PROFESSIONAL INTRODUCTION VIDEOS SMALL BUSINESS VIDEOS PUBLIC RELATIONS VIDEOS BRANDED CONTENT VIDEOS PROMOTIONAL VIDEOS EVENT VIDEOS POLITICAL VIDEOS LIVESTREAMING EVENT VIDEOS HOW DO WE DO IT? We start the planning process with our clients by taking an in-depth look at their company as a whole. What is its history, its purpose, its intention? What is the main idea that currently unifies the brand across all of its channels? What is its competitive edge that differentiates it from its competitors? Then we look at the direction in which the company is headed, and how the video integrates into the larger plan and achieves specific goals. We brainstorm different scenarios for the video based on the client’s budget. After choosing a direction, we delve into story boarding and script writing if necessary. Then comes shooting, editing, and selecting music from an exclusive catalogue of independent, cinematic music. ​ Clients receive a first cut of the video so they can give feedback, and we incorporate it into the video swiftly. Then we work directly with the technical people at the company to make sure the video appears online exactly as it should. Clients can be as involved or uninvolved as they’d like to be during the whole process, although we prefer to work as a consultants and collaborators.

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"Job well done! "

Angela Ruhinda 2013-09-11


Jonathan Carp 2015-08-12