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Event Videos - The Basics

An experienced event videographer will know how to capture quality images in many different situations. Bringing additional lighting when needed, bringing a soft box and backlighting when necessary, recording quality audio in less than perfect environments. A good event videographer will know the right equipment for any event space. To capture your event in a compelling way, look for a videographer with a professional attitude and the technical skills to get the shot, capture the moment and move on. There are many ways to capture an event and no right or wrong way - make sure to discuss with your videographer what you want to capture and what story you want to tell with your video BEFORE the shoot. Pre-production (planning your video in advance) is one of the most (if not the most) important things you can do to ensure a video that you're happy with. Different videographers have different styles and a not insignificant part of the decision on which videographer to choose comes down to your taste and the type of story you want to come away with. Ask yourself do you like their work? Take a close look at their whole portfolio. Go into the project with a very clear and comprehensive shot list so they know exactly what to shoot so you get the content and story you need.

Jason Mallory
Jason Mallory

Tips for Event Videography


Relevant Portfolio

What does their portfolio look like? Do they have only a few events featured. They may not have a lot of experience in this area.


Great Demeanor

Does this person seem like a good fit for your client or group? You want someone who can handle your client with care and represent you well.


Clear Objectives

The best way to get the most of the moments you're trying to capture is to provide your creative with very clear goals for the overall video and a set shot list that outlines everything that you want capture and the "must have" shots.


by Jason Mallory

How much does Event Videography cost?

Pricing for video can vary widely but a good rule of thumb is $100 per hour. Shooting is usually the more cut and dry aspect of video production. You know how many hours the event will last that gives your a rough estimate for shooting. Editing is the more time consuming aspect of creating a polished video. The length and type of content of your piece will dictate the editing cost. Interviews and Testimonials can be simple content to cut. Promo reels or Montages may take more creative thought to execute well. The key to saving time and money is having a clear plan of what you want the video to achieve and what the end product should look like. The production level you are looking to achieve will also contribute to the price. Are you looking for a one-camera shoot with natural lighting or do you desire dolly moves, time-lapse and high-end graphics. These are variables to consider with the overall budget.

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An example project

2 hour Live Event Coverage

Be sure specify the type of live event you would like covered. The camera and audio set up will vary if it is a play, conference, fair, music performance, awards ceremony. Also, give the creative a sense of where the shoot will take place: theatre, conference hall, park, outdoors, indoors, etc. They'll need to know things like where can they set up the camera(s) and whether they will be able to plug into the sound board.

Suggested Price: $900

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