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Ethan Herrold

Photography and Videography · Denver Colorado United States

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Ethan Herrold is an avid photographer based in Denver, Colorado. Ethan  began his career in the design industry, developing an eye for aesthetics,  photographing dramatic landscapes, charismatic portraits and commercial branding. Building on both his technical skills and a passion for expression, Ethan seeks to craft truly meaningful stories through his lens. He evokes emotion through imagery, be it delicate stars, the allure of destination weddings, or the substance of personality lighting up a face. In a world saturated with cameras, Ethan seeks to depart from the mainstream, capturing the unique play of light and new perspectives only the eye of a professional can realize. Ethan’s photos have been published by many local and national clients including the Wall Street Journal, ShaneCo, DoorDash, and Bark.com, among others. His work has appeared in local publications including Modern in Denver, CU Boulder Today, and Trident Press, in addition to exhibitions in numerous galleries. Are you ready to tell your story? Contact Ethan for a free consultation!