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Erika Rice Photography

Photography · Milford United States

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Erika who? a bit about me... erika is my name, photography is my game member of the Professional Photographers of America i've got a degree in social work along with a minor in photography i've been in love with photos since i was a small child with my first kodak i am located in milford, michigan i love to travel and am available to shoot world wide i have always loved photography and would love to be a photojournalist some day i have three beautiful children and a husband who are my other full time job i believe in modern, affordable, beautiful photography i love reading, listening to music, and taking pictures i've been lucky enough to have been shooting for years, this is my full time job! i'm in my 6th season of wedding photography i shoot both canon & nikon i want to get my pilots license! anything else, please ask! i'm a helper by design!

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