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Erick Cummings

Videography · Sacramento California United States

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I have more than ten years of professional experience producing, shooting, editing, conceptualizing and directing video. Raised in Sacramento, California, my love for cinematography started at just the age of 17 as a skateboarder. My friends and I would shoot video of each other on our skateboards using a handy cam then used the footage to create VHS tapes. Little did I know those dear memories would foster in me a strong passion to pursue video production for the rest of my life. As I entered my 20's, my shooting skills really began to develop. My classmates paid me to shoot their videos – everything from music videos to short documentaries. I then began to reach out for professional work. I have won various awards over the years, including Best Commercial in 2014 at the Next Talent Awards in Sacramento, Ca. Today, I work as a Freelance Video Production Specialist shooting and directing short documentaries, promotional material, video projects for web, editing commercials for television, and more. I also produce quality still photography and specialize in aerial videography.

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