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Elliott McKenzie

Photography · Pomona California United States

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I started doing photography as a form of expression in high school and have been expanding on that passion ever since. I did a lot of landscape photography when I started because I have always loved Earth's beauty. Eventually, I decided to give photography with models a try. I started doing photoshoots with local models, actresses, musicians, and people just wanting professional photos. That quickly turned into a newly found passion for photography which has lead me to where I am today. I have learned to combine my love for landscape photography with my passion for doing photoshoots. My style of photography focuses on the essence of beauty in people and the environments they are in, thus being why my company is called "Essence Photography". I focus on the basic elements of beauty involved in each picture and have found a knack for showing off a person's natural beauty without all the excess makeup, lighting, or editing. I specialize in portraits and headshots but also do red carpet events, weddings, engagement photos, maternity photos, family photos, and more...

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