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What are Educational Videos?

With its ability to combine pictures and sound, video is a powerful communication medium. Video is extremely effective for information delivery, making a prime educational tool. Educational videos serve as alternatives to other teaching methods. Many educational videos are part of a long series. For example, films demonstrating mathematical principles and problems tend to be episodic – each episode is devoted to a specific principle and corresponding problems.

There are many advantages associated with using educational videos, including:

  • Educational video resources are a great way to add visual stimuli to lectures.
  • Educational videos help heighten the educational experience for students.
  • An educational video raises the level of engagement and achievement during lectures.
  • A well-chosen video resource is better than text for stimulating a structured discussion.
  • An educational video provides efficient use of classroom time.

Before deciding if an educational video will meet your instructional needs, you should ask and answer the following questions:

  • What are the goals and objectives of the video? A goal is a general statement of what you hope the program will achieve and an objective is a statement of what learners should be able to do after watching the video. Knowing the goals and objectives makes it possible to structure a plan of action.
  • Who are the learners? You need to define learner’s ages, cultural backgrounds, interests, and educational levels. Knowing your learners and their needs is one of the most important considerations in a video production.
  • What will be the educational content? You need to make sure to define the information you want conveyed to your audience.
  • What approach will your video take? You need to decide if you want a professional actor, to include interviews, etc.
  • How long should your video last? Consider your viewer's attention span. An adult has an attention span of between eight and ten minutes and a child has less than five.
  • When are educational videos effective?
  • What should be the basic components of your educational video?
    • Your educational video should have music and natural sound (background sound) to help tell the story and break up constant narration or interviews.
    • Your educational video should include proper titles and name identification of on-screen speakers.
    • Your educational video should have a sense of progression that organizes the content and carries the attention of the audience.
    • Your educational video should be based around a web video format or at least have an interactive component.

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Tips for Educational Videography


Be concise

Define the purpose of your video and then make sure the video meets this purpose.


Embrace brevity

Most tutorial and educational videos get a little dry if they are long winded or throw too much at the viewer. It's best to render down the information that you wish to get across down to it's simplest form. Depending on the lesson or tutorials that you wish to make, you may need to produce a few videos or an educational video tour or series.


Be on set

It is a good idea to accompany photographers as they shoot your video to make sure they get everything the way you want it.


Keep your story simple

Make sure the video keeps it simple. Remember that your video tells a story without your needing to state everything.


Utilize typography

Ask for the use of on-screen text to emphasize and support what is presented.

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How much do Educational Videos cost?

Many video production companies ask to see a script or at least an outline before they will estimate the cost of producing your video. It may take a lot of time and effort to produce a quality video program, so you need to decide what level of quality you can afford. An educational video production involving script, voice talent, and illustrating footage usually runs between $800 and $1000 per minute.

Editing a video is the creative process where all the various parts filmed are put together into one, coherent, comprehensive program. Editing is time consuming. It takes at least one hour of editing time for one minute of finished video. That means that for a five-minute video, it takes a minimum of 5 hours of editing time. If you wish to include special effects, the amount of time can double.

The cost is dependent on the content of the video. If the educational video consists of a person speaking while demonstrating a process with no script, narrator, or special effects, and one that needs very little editing, it will cost less.

How to Find a Great Educational Video Producer

Ask other educators if they know of local video production companies they or their contemporaries have used. You can also research the internet and check out area video production companies. Review their websites and see if they have produced educational videos and have posted any examples of their work. When you think you have found a video produce that meets your needs, make sure that you ask to see an actual tape to ensure the videos shown on their site are theirs. Ask for references and make sure you contact them for their opinion of your chosen video producer.

Use this quick list to make sure you have covered all the bases before choosing your video producer.

  • How long they have been in business
  • The kind of video production they mostly do
  • What their plan is for hosting your videos
  • What kind of companies they have worked with in the past
  • If you feel there is good chemistry between you and the video producer (Are they a good fit for your project?)
  • The general price range for your type of project

Remember that producing an educational video can be a lengthy process. It can take several months from conveying the concept to your chosen video producer until the last edit it complete. It is a good idea to find a video producer as soon as you think you may need one, even if that need is not immediate.

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