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Echard Wheeler

Photography and Videography · Virginia Beach Virginia United States

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growing up in louisiana i learned a few things, be polite, have a good time and don't take yourself too seriously. being a skaterat (80's style) led me to pick up a camera. 30 years later, the skateboard only gets attention sporadically, but the camera never leaves my hand. whether i'm on commercial assignment, a portrait shoot, documenting a wedding or just hanging around town, you can bet i'm taking photographs. every. single. day. because it's second nature to me, and i truly believe if you love photography and live a creative life then you're inspired by anything and everything...every day. my philosophy is simple. a wedding is an event that took months upon months of serious planning, so on that special day make sure you hire an experienced professional that knows how to handle the rhythm and pace of a sometimes hectic, demanding and possibly challenging day. one who's energetic, fun, appropriate and qualified, and who can capture your day with the style represented on their website. someone who knows the intricate mechanisms of the camera, because while natural light photography sounds poetic, in the real world low light situations are the norm and you need someone who knows their way around a camera. i take great pride in photographing beautiful portraiture, but the essence of my work is capturing those true moments that really happen. those fleeting moments are the photographs you're going to treasure forever. my approach is candid and unobtrusive, to make sure the attention is on the bride and groom, as it should be--this day is all about you. because really, you could be reading this and find out what my favorite color is, but wouldn't you rather know what makes me the photographer that can handle the job? since 1997 i’ve shot over 500 weddings, countless portrait sessions, been published by magazines and blogs that i'm truly proud of and worked with the best of the best in the wedding industry -- i really couldn't imagine doing anything else. so please take a look through my website and blog. if our vision is in sync, i hope to hear from you.

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