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Dylan Elm

Photography and Videography · Austin Texas United States

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Hello, my name is Dylan Cory Elm. Owner and founder of Proofline Media. All my life I've been around media, my father was a media tech teacher, a DJ on the Radio and also a news reporter for several news station in Brownsville, Texas. I was always behind the lens, following where ever my father went like a shadow. I remember one moment where my father was shooting one of his films about a boxer. The scene took place in a gym where the actor/boxer was training, there were lights, cameras and dozen of people on set and it was so clear to me that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Ever since then, I've studied everything about filmmaking. Learned about compositions, capturing the art of human life, watched tons of movies from great directors and screenplay writers such as Dalton Trumbo, Stanley Kubrick, Robert Rodriguez, Spielberg and much more. I have 7 years behind the lens from screenplay writing, DP, Producer and Video Editor. There is nothing more satisfying then showing someone your work and seeing how engaged they are to your films and how they connect to your films and forever they will remember your work and your name.

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