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Double Coast

Photography and Videography · Burlington Washington United States

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Projects starting at $750

Double Coast is Ricky Turner + Sandra Turner. We love traveling, Korean food, dogs, our nieces and nephews, fall time, Hayao Miyazaki, and our magical cat Merlyn. We absolutely love networking and building community through art and the reality of life. We believe that every day of living is full of purpose no matter how usual or unusual it is. We are not fans of mass production or creating products that all look the same and really believe that each wedding, each business, each product, is all different. We understand the importance of consistency in work and we carry a high standard for quality. But even quality doesn’t mean all videos and pictures have to look the same! We want to make your event, your business, and your product special in one way or another. We are fully committed to giving you exactly what you want (as long as its not a million dollars) and we want to capture your vision! Let’s work together on it. *We are always willing to travel state-wide and wherever for video jobs. Talk to us about rates for travel!

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