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Documentary Videographer

Highland Beach, Maryland

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TJ Travis Film
TJ Travis Film - Upper Marlboro, MD

My name is TJ Travis. I am an inspiring filmmaker currently attending my junior year in high school. I have been filming and editing for 8 years. I have tons of experience filming, working on my own p

David Cilberti
David Cilberti - North Beach, MD

An example project

Short Form Documentary

Be sure to list the subject and what story you would like told. Is this about a person? An event? A location? What are your goals? Remember to preempt any questions and give examples of videos that you would like to see. Be open to pre-production, but give as much info on the shoot date, the amount of videos and if the price is negotiable. Talk about what you would like to see and who the audience will be. Remember, the more info given, the better.

Suggested Price: $3500

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Jacob A Tapia

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