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David Halperin

Photography and Videography · Roslyn Harbor New York United States

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9 ratings
9 jobs completed

Experienced photographer with extensive background in editorial, travel and tourism, public relations, audiovisual, food, real estate, and marketing.

David Halperin's Overall Rating

" "

SmartShoot Partner 2012-07-13

"Our Photographer was very pleasant and professional. It was a hot day but he put the time in to cover our property completely. We can't rate him fully until we see the finished product, however, he seemed to be doing a great job!"

Debra Brough 2014-06-19

"Photos were great! Job well done"

sandra gorie 2015-11-17

"Excellent job!"

SmartShoot Partner 2012-10-14


Debbie Reeves 2015-05-05

"Very professional"

Joan Sciangula 2015-09-25

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