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Dave Trautman

Photography and Videography · Edmonton Alberta Canada

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117 ratings
254 jobs completed
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Will write, shoot, edit, mix, decorate, and build effects for nearly any kind of project. Background is in video and film, audio engineering, animation, and instructional/training media. Have traveled the long-march from videotape to streaming video and have earned awards for interactive media development and production. Media specialist with a particular interest in digital. Professional photographer, videographer, editor, director, and project manager. Lecture to large groups on interactive media as well as use of media for social change. My work has been used by such organizations as NATO, The J. P. Kennedy Foundation, University of Alberta, Government of Alberta, General Dynamics Canada, Weldwood of Canada, and the National Film Board of Canada. Ready to engage anyone to help them find the most effective use of media for their particular need.

Dave Trautman's Overall Rating


Conor Clarke 2013-03-11


Martin Applewhaite 2013-06-16


Shadi Majed 2013-10-19


Dr. James Jeffery 2013-05-13

"Disappointed w/the quality of the video + the amount of edits that needed to be done, that should have been noticed by the filmmaker before submitting it to me, the client. I find for the amount of time spent at my salon, he had barely any good shots"

Sandy Nault 2013-09-17


Debbie Zidon 2013-10-08