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Photography · Orem United States

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In 1985 I received my first 35mm SLR camera, a Minolta XT-1. Previously I had been shooting with 110 point a shoot camera for my 7th grade photography class at Midvale Middle School. During my three years there, I’d learned to develop the film, use the enlargers to produce my own black and white prints, and hone my skills at composition. After the first year I was hooked for life. <BR><BR> I began shoot professionally when I was 16 and could finally drive to gigs. Working as the only staff photographer for a Price Broadcasting station in Salt Lake City, Utah, 'Power 99' Now 'The Bee 98.7'. I was able to shoot bands like the Escape Club and Roxette along with singers like Michael Damian (promoting his 1989 hit Rock On) and Sheena Easton performing for the 4th of July Stadium of Fire . Also attending and shooting for promotional events for various local and national companies. <BR><BR> Although I have always had a camera in my hand, shooting for motion pictures wasn’t my first intro into the film world. In fact, writing my first screenplay in 1997 and selling my third one in 1999 is what brought me in this direction. I was finally initiated into the film world as I worked closely with the Director and Cinematographer during the six-week shoot. I haven't looked back since. <BR><BR> Over the next 5 years I attended film school at the University of Utah, shot several short films and documentaries and worked as a boom operator for a commercial film company. All the while I was shooting still photography on productions that I worked on. <BR><BR> In 2004, I decided to take my experience and drive to L.A., where I immediately began my paperwork to join the International Cinematographers Guild. Local 600. In June of 2005 I was accepted and took the necessary safety courses required to join Local 600, when a series of events brought me back to Utah later that month. After making the tough decision to remain in Utah, I let my 60 day grace period to join Local 600 expire. <BR><BR> My hiatus from the entertainment industry happened when I joined the United States Army as a Combat Medic. I wanted to serve my country during this troublesome time in our history and this seemed the right thing for me. <BR><BR> After my time in the military, I decided to expand my artistic abilities and work on an acting career. Spending several years as a theatre major in acting at Utah Valley University, and being among the select few to be accepted into the BFA Acting program, has given me a unique perspective as a Unit Stills Photographer. Although I love acting, I have chosen to return to my first love of photography and provide the industry with a unique perspective and fresh approach to Unit Still Photography.

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