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Photography and Videography · New York New York United States

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New York/Los Angeles based photographer, specializing in food, corporate and on site photography. Have a passion for helping small business owners get the MADISON AVE treatment on a "start-up" budget. I love meeting new creative business people, and bringing out their best for their social media needs. Reach out to me with your project, and let's see what we can create together!

's Overall Rating

"For Next Shoot please note that some of the plates are cut off, please include the entire serving item and all the food in the image (along with some extra space around the plate for cropping needs). But the images look great! Thanks!"

amazonrestaurants 2017-08-30

"These are great, your lighting is really beautiful. Please keep an eye on the depth of field, we like to have the entire dish in focus. Thanks!"

amazonrestaurants 2017-09-26

"For next shoot please keep an eye out for depth of field, we like to have the whole dish in focus. Also please leave a little more space around the dishes so we have room to crop as needed. Thanks!"

amazonrestaurants 2017-10-12

"These look great! Keep an eye on your focal length, the back of the plates starts to get a bit soft. We prefer the entire dish to be in focus. Thanks!"

amazonrestaurants 2017-09-25

"excellent work, some of the shots looked slightly over exposed (IMO) but but overall we're happy with these"

samanthataube 2017-10-05

"Great variety. Next time please exclude the seamless signs, they are a competitor."

sliceteam 2017-11-03