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Crystal Vara LLC

Photography · Waiʻanae Hawaii United States

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I've been photographing couples in love here on O'ahu since 2008 and I've seen all kinds of love stories. I've photographed Hawaii elopements, couples being reunited after a deployment, busy couples who barely have a moment to breath let alone squeeze in a portrait session (sound familiar?), vow renewals, and recently engaged couples. Each couple had a different reason for getting portraits done + no two stories were the same; that's one of my favorite things about photographing love stories. Your love story probably doesn't look like a Nicholas Sparks novel, in fact it probably has some bumps + bruises, but that doesn't make it any less special. If you see your loved one in passing most days, you love each other long distance, or you've been through some shit to get there and beaten the odds, your love story needs to be celebrated. A photograph is more than just a pretty picture - it captures the emotion that you felt at that moment, the way he looked at you when you weren't looking, and is a physical reminder of that moment in time and the love you shared.

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