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Cruz Gutierrez Photography

Photography · Oswego United States

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I grew up in the west suburbs of Chicago. So, I know the area very well. I've been in the business for 8 years doing everything from weddings to real estate photography. My passion is seen through my work. Although Im praised for my work, I am rarely satisfied with what I shoot and when I am, I'm nit picking what I can do differently and better. I strive for myself and my clients to put out the absolute best product that can be produced. I'm a universal photographer but specialize in the real estate and architectural side. Photographing houses and structures is a very complex process. Giving emotion to a non living space takes a certain patience and creativity. In order to entice someone to want that space, it has to be prepared visually first. I put this practice into play when shooting for my clients. I'm also a veteran of our great nation. I know a thing or two about initiative and integrity. Being a very straight forward person and all about business is crucial. Let's get some work done!

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