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Corporate Videos - The Basics

Corporate videography includes a large variety of use cases and styles which vary depending on the kind of message each video needs to communicate. Corporate videos can combine shots of the company, product, employees and customers with voice over narration and music. Many corporate videos also take a narrative / documentary driven style to convey the brand attributes of the company to potential customers, partners or new hires. Testimonials and case studies of happy customers are another popular use of corporate videos. Basic blocking and tackling in the form of a video explanation of product, video FAQ's on how a product works, and internal videos to explain company or product initiatives and policy changes are also common use cases for corporate videos. Live events are another opportunity to both produce corporate videos (by capturing footage and sound bites from the event) and to engage and inspire participants by showing a video as a high energy introduction of a speaker or a new product. An experienced corporate videographer will not only identify and capture compelling footage, they should help your executives, employees, partners or customers feel comfortable and look good in front of the camera.

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Tips for Corporate Videography



It's important that a corporate video reflect the brand attributes of the company - corporate videos can be serious or playful and everything in between.



Corporate videos range in length from 2 - 5 minutes in length. Expect the final edited video to be delivered digitally via an online file sharing service like DropBox or via a hard drive. Once you have the master video file, you can add the video to a web page by uploading the video to a video streaming network or corporate CDN.



Corporate videos should be scheduled when the participants are likely to be the most relaxed - stiff over scripted corporate videos aren't enjoyable for the people featured in the video or for the viewers.


Post Shoot

Much of the work in a corporate video happens in the edit room after the shoot. The clearer the direction given before the shoot and the edit, the easier the edit is and the more likely the edited version will meet the client's expectations. While most projects will give you multiple edits or drafts (typically two) of the video so you can have a say in the cut, editing can take a lot of time and can quickly eat up your project budget.

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How much do Corporate Videos cost?

Corporate videos are often priced on a per-minute basis, however, due to the myriad styles that they can encompass the prices also vary. For example, ads can be priced starting at $500+ per minute of output, while a video of a meeting starts at a cost of $10 per minute of output. Keep in mind that the cost of the video is not only in what it take to be shot (teleprompters, locations, lighting, crew, transportation), but just as much cost can go into post production services as well (editing, music, motion graphics, color grading, voice over, rush fees, 3rd party footage). It is key that you have a thorough pre-production plan so that the videographer has a sense of what the scope of the project is.

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An example project

2 minute Corporate Video

Corporate videos are an excellent way to reinforce the brand attributes and personality of the company while also conveying important messages to employees, customers and partners. How your video is structured will vary based on the audience and the purpose of the video so be sure to have a robust pre-production process with your videographer to make sure you don't waste the time of any of the participants who will appear on camera.

Suggested Price: $1500

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