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Corporate Photography - The Basics

Corporations and businesses need their locations, employees, customers, partners and the business itself captured in a way that gives a professional narrative depiction about the company. Custom corporate photography is an excellent and more authentic alternative to stock images which are used in brochures, websites, advertisements, and internal documents. A significant amount of custom corporate photography is corporate head shots and portraits, but lower price points for custom photography are fueling demand for custom product, customer, team and partner shoots as a compelling alternative to overused stock photo imagery in web sites, magazines, brochures and corporate communications. Corporate photo shoots are also often used to capture live events, including conferences, off sites, franchise meetings and corporate retreats.

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Tips for Corporate Photography



When booking a photographer for the shoot, it is best to have a sense of what kind kinds of portraits you would like (serious or funny for example) and to have considered the following: Seamless backdrop or backdrop of the entire environment? How many head shots are needed? Would you like shots of the entire team? Will this be at one location or more? Would you like some staged shots of the employees at work or in a meeting? It’s also best to coordinate all employee schedules to have availability for the photo shoot. Most good corporate photographers will have tips on how to achieve the best images (get haircuts about a week before the shoot, have your clothes pressed, don’t wear patterns, don’t schedule the shoot on a Friday...).



You will have a chance to review the images and make your selections and generally be able to download the images electronically.



Be sure to give the team plenty of notice before the photo shoot so they can prepare with a fresh haircut and photo friendly (no small stripes) clothes. In general, Fridays are the least desirable day to shoot corporate photos.


After The Shoot

The deliverables tend to vary depending on the project. These are often touched up in post-production (where the photographer corrects lighting, color grades or removes blemishes, etc from the image). Be sure to indicate whether you intend to use the images for web or print use. Digital images are usually free of cost, however, some photographers charge per image for delivery. Prints are hardly demanded by clients, but be prepared to pay more if a physical drive or CD, DVD or some other medium is requested. Note that rates for these services vary.

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How much do Corporate Photos cost?

Rates will naturally vary from photographer to photographer so use the numbers below to give you a reference point only: One-day photographer fee: $1200+ For bigger corporations: Assistant fee $200+ Cost of post-processing and delivery of digital images: $250+ If photographer has to travel across countries, Client pays the fee. Prints are rarely demanded by clients since they have to use them in annual reports, prospecti, etc.

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An example project

30 Corporate Photos for Print and Web use

An affordable corporate shoot will include 20 - 30 images that are editable and publishable on your company website and as well as used for promotion.

Suggested Price: $1500

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