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Colson Griffith Photography

Photography · San Francisco California United States

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I believe one size fits all actually fits no one. I listened to all three 50 shades of grey books in surround sound - by myself. Tabletops are the only place to dance! I bring my Vitamix monster-blender to friend's parties because whole fruit margaritas cant be created with cheap-o bar mixers. Dirty looks from drivers next to me because my music is too loud. #awesome. Some of my favorite articles of clothing were left by friends after parties. If it fits just right, it's mine! Touching down in a new city without plans is the best way to create legendary stories. I have line item in my budget for ridiculously looooong showers. Last minute road trips in my BMW are not complete without a night spent sleeping in the back seat. My truck makes me feel nostalgic. My BMW makes me feel like a baller. Parking both in SF makes me feel absolutely freaking crazy!!! Hosting a kick-ass party is the best way to show your friends true love. I won't wear a dress shirt unless its been tailored. That custom fit makes me feel like a SEXY BEAST! Do something you love. Find your passion. Have a Palooza.

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