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Cody Gere

Photography and Videography · Los Angeles California United States

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Born in southern California and raised in Jacksonville Florida. Cody found a higher calling and joined the United States Marine Corps upon graduating from Orange Park High School in 2005. After seven years of service he was honorably discharged in November 2012. Upon Cody's exit from the Marine Corps, he decided that it was time to follow his dreams of becoming a filmmaker. Cody quickly enrolled at the nearest film school, The Art Institute of Jacksonville Florida and began his study of film production. After his first month at The Art Institute, Cody knew he was in the wrong place to learn how to become a filmmaker. So being the free spirited, self-motivated person that Cody is, he and his wife packed up their car and then two days later they arrived in Los Angeles. The next day Cody was enrolled at The Los Angeles Film School where he continued his education and learned the fundamentals of filmmaking. While at The Los Angeles Film School, Cody’s main concentration of study was directing and cinematography. Upon his graduation, he received a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Filmmaking. He was awarded the honor of magna cume laude and was granted acceptance into The National Honors Society of Film and Entertainment. Since then, Cody has gone on to work with some of Hollywoods most recognized filmmakers and has collected a plethora of film and television credits. A few of his credits are from working with studios and networks such as; The Food Network, Warner Brothers, Paramount, LifeTime, Netflix, AMC and The History Channel.

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