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Photography and Videography · Chicago United States

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STORY ADVERTISING AND THE WE GENERATION Story Advertising is the method that we created in order to connect with the Millennial Generation. While traditional advertising focuses on sales and other extrinsic motivations, Story Advertising focuses on deeper intrinsic motivations including identity and experience. Most Millennials are aware when they are being advertised to in the traditional way, and end up ignoring them. Whereas Story Advertising will engage them because stories are a natural part of the human experience and a way for them to express their identity. Social media has forever changed the way the world speaks to each other. The ability to upload a photo on Instagram and have it seen on the other side of the planet; to share our memories on Facebook with friends we don’t see any more is so powerful that it has defined a generation. Millennials are mistakenly dubbed as the “Me” generation, but nothing can be further from the truth. Millennials share all their moments publicly to connect with each other and form a sense of community. We have branded Millennials as the &quot;We&quot; generation, one that’s not defined by class, race, or gender, but by their experiences and the stories they collect. Together, with their differences, we find common ground though stories. As the blades of grass, individual on the surface, but all are connected to the same plant. We are Chicago indie filmmakers and storytellers. Our focus is creating advertisement campaigns that capture Millennial's sense of identity, develop your brand, and synchronize your story with theirs.

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