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Clear Life Photography

Photography · Calverton United States

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My name is Emmanuel Rosario and I love taking pictures of all the beauty that surrounds us each and every day and capturing the moments that I will cherish forever with my family. I have a beautiful wife named Rachel who is the reason I do anything anymore and a beautiful boy named Noah who is the reason I don't want to do anything anymore!(Totally kidding) Together we form the Rosario's :) I also love making people happy and so if I can use my passion to help someone capture the wonderful and breathtaking moments in their life, or just capture something they like or want or need.. well then that's a win in my book! Most of the fun for me comes from learning so very much every time I turn my camera on. The good part is that the learning never ends, so neither does the fun! I take my business very seriously and so I guarantee that whoever I work with will leave with a smile on their face. That's my mission! &quot;As long as everyone is happy&quot;

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