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Christie Goshe

Photography and Videography · Oakland California United States

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3 ratings
4 jobs completed
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Christie Goshe is a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in video production and photography for nonprofits, couples and families, and hip corporate clients. I have a BA from Bennington College in Vermont, grew up in rural Ohio, and I absolutely love the Bay and its art community, awesome weather, and friendly folks. I ride my bike around a lot, eat a lot of kale, and enjoy traveling for business and pleasure.

Christie Goshe's Overall Rating

"Composition: good Styling: good Exposure/Bracketing: does not capture full highlights/shadows Color Balance: interiors are too yellow, exteriors are a little cool Image Quality: good Shot list: good"

SmartShoot Partner 2012-12-03

"Composition: okay, framing was not paid attention do, with objects peeking in on the edges Styling: good Exposure/Bracketing: mostly good, some bracketing did not line up Color Balance: Many images have a strong yellow color cast Image Quality: Occasional Shutter shake Shot list: good!"

SmartShoot Partner 2012-12-17

"The photographer did a great job. Excellent exposures that were very clean and clear. Bracketing was done well, just try not to have any movement between exposures. They shot from multiple angles which helped change up the slideshow for us. Over all would recommend this photographer to shoot for us again in the future. "

SmartShoot Partner 2012-12-13