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Christian LaMorte

Photography and Videography · NY New York United States

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I'm a filmmaker/musician with honed skills in all forms of pre-production, production and post-production. My short films have gained recognition in a number of international film festivals, including Cannes Short Film Corner in France, where I premiered Boy Code, a short film centering around an insecure high school senior struggling to prove himself in the arrogant, misogynistic environment of all-boy Catholic prep school. Boy Code is the overall pressure men, young and old, put on each other to live up to close-minded , stereotype-norms that have been the cause of violent, aggressive acts that we see in males today. Rape culture. Aside from writing and directing, I shoot and edit wide range of short form digital content including an interview with Barack Obama and Michele Obama in the White House for People Magazine, all forms of documentaries, movie trailer editing, promotional material including the video campaign for Zaphire, a revolutionary un-bias job recruitment company. Oh and I'm a life-long hard rock/metal guitarist! I'm easy to get along with! Just get in touch.

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