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Chris Tumbusch

Photography and Videography · Seattle, Tacoma Washington United States

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10 ratings
11 jobs completed

I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years. I have worked for several ad agencies, public relations firms, universities and newspapers. These opportunities have both broadened my skills and given him a very diverse, yet unique style. I&amp;amp;nbsp;approache any assignment with a professional, yet adventurous (minus the attitude) style.&amp;amp;nbsp;

Chris Tumbusch's Overall Rating

"Composition: good Styling: good Exposure/Bracketing: good Color Balance: good Image Quality: good Shot list: good -beautiful pictures of the lake, and all around great shoot!"

SmartShoot Partner 2012-12-03

"This photographer did a great job with this property. There technical skills were spot on, great exposure and composition. Bracketing was very purposeful and helped bring in detail throughout the images. Ended with a great slideshow and would definitely recommend this photographer in the future. "

SmartShoot Partner 2013-01-03


Steven Reeves 2013-10-29

"This photographer just need to work on exposure a bit. Overall the images were rather dark and somewhat noisy. Also the color cast were see throughout the files which just made editing take longer. When it comes to bracketing they should do an even exposure and one over exposure and one under exposure and we should be good. They shot super dark up to a little over exposed, which just made it hard to make these images look bright and vibrant to help show of the property better. "

SmartShoot Partner 2012-11-30

"There are some grain/noise issues as well as motion blur and focus issues. Lighting seemed to pose an issue for this shoot. A majority of the shots include logos/brand-names on products. We can't run images with brand-names or logos. It would have been great to avoid those. More variety with products would have been nice- close ups and arrangements . Also, more diverse cliental- the woman getting her hair cut in the first set is also cutting the man's hair later. This limits what we can use. "

SmartShoot Partner 2013-03-04


Lyndie Sterling 2013-11-18

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