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Charles E Davis Photography

Photography · San Francisco California United States

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My name is Charles Davis and I am a freelance photographer. I have 14 years experience as a freelance photographer and my interests include residential and commercial interiors and architecture, landscape and nature, portraits and lifestyle, and product and commercial photography. My earliest memories regarding photography come from my childhood. I recall sitting around with family flipping through photo albums every holiday and family gathering. I was always intrigued by the stories that accompanied every picture. My parents held command to the family camera but on some occasions they'd let me snap off a few shots. Then came the advent of instant Polaroid cameras. This is when I got my most consistent experience shooting photos. A few years later my parents purchased a compact Fuji 35mm film point and shoot camera and by that time I pretty much had free range to take photos whenever the camera wasn't in use. It wasn't until I was in my 30s that I purchased my first professional Pentax 35mm film camera. Up until then I had still been shooting with a 35mm point and shoot. Having a choice of wide angle, telephoto and zoom lenses was an absolute thrill. Shortly after acquiring my new camera I took black and white photography classes at my junior college. I still enjoy shooting and developing my own black and white prints to this day, although admittedly I shoot 35mm film less frequently. While digital photography certainly has its advantages, for many years I was reluctant to shoot digital. I don't consider myself to be a film aficionado by any means, it just took me awhile to appreciate the look of digital images. These days I just aspire to create compelling images that tell a story as well as encompass great composition and proper exposure, no matter what the format. I eagerly await the opportunity to help you tell your story through pictures.

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