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Celebrity Photography - The Basics

Celebrity photography is a wide open genre and can be used to refer to snap shots of your favorite celebrity or commissioned work. Good celebrity photographers usually have a high degree of professionalism and skill and the ability to help their subjects connect with the camera. Celebrity photography is used for magazine covers, promotional materials and simple simple "look books". We also know celebrity photography as those shots from the red carpet or the classic paparazzi images appearing all over the web.

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Tips for Celebrity Photography


Find Your Style

The best way to select a celebrity photographer is to consider the purpose of the shoot, what you have in mind for the images, your budget and timeline. Look for a photographer whose portfolio has examples similar to what you have in mind.


Decide On Deliverables

Be sure to consult with your celebrity photographer on what your goals are for the shoot and what you intend to do with the images. You should also consider what your turnaround time ideally looks like. With this info the photographer can send you a proposal on what they can achieve and for what price. Make sure you review the proposal and ask any questions to make the contract as clear as possible prior to the shoot.



Celebrity photography shoots often require coordination of many schedules and are generally large productions with elaborate set-ups and many people on site. Celebrities often have a particular celebrity photographer they like to work with (or their publicist likes to work with), further complicating scheduling.


After The Shoot

Most pictures will be delivered digitally. If you use SmartShoot, you can use the image preview room to select your favorites. These are alway touched up in post-production (where the photographer corrects lighting, color grades or removes blemishes, etc from the image) in the case of celebrity photography.

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How much do Celebrity Photos cost?

Celebrity photography pricing varies widely because of usage. If you just need a simple headshot, you can expect to be at the lower end of the spectrum. If you need high-end work for a promotion that involves a crew, location and lights, expect to pay more.

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