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Cassie Wells Photography

Photography · El Cajon California United States

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I am a freelance real estate & contracting photographer located in Tallahassee, FL. I have several years of experience shooting contractors' before & after remodeling photos, as well as real estate listings and high-end condominium rentals. I strive to accommodate my clients in any way I can, focusing specifically on fulfilling their unique needs and creative vision. I genuinely enjoy the sometimes challenging task of showcasing both interiors and exteriors in their best light. When I need a break from the structure and order of real estate photography, I pursue my personal fascinations with the aesthetics of abstract architecture and abandoned places. Lines converging, shapes and colors comprised of metal but conceived in the minds of humans, all a bewildering amalgamation of both chaos and harmony. Shattered glass crunching beneath my boots, stale air assaulting my nostrils, eerie silence betraying the history of the forsaken constructs through which I prowl - these are the things which truly inspire me to release my shutter.

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