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Carolyn Schneider

Photography · Tacoma Washington United States

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15 ratings
15 jobs completed

Food and product photography, executive portraits, real estate, senior portraits, pet portraits, family portraits. I'm content to do basic photography work but thrive when needed to come up with something creative.

Carolyn Schneider's Overall Rating


SmartShoot Partner 2012-10-08

"Great variety of angles, got all the shots we asked for. The lighting could be a little better, but depending on the photographers equipment and available natural light, I can understand limitations."

SmartShoot Partner 2012-10-04

"Inadequate variety; too many shots from too similar angles. Shots included with extraneous items (e.g., campaign signs)"

SmartShoot Partner 2012-12-17

"I absolutely love the office shots! Great variety that really shows of the the establishment. It's hard to made a storage place look nice, and I've got a lot of great stuff to work with here."

SmartShoot Partner 2012-10-04

"Nice selection to choose from, great options for each shot, thoughtful inclusion of people in imgs"

SmartShoot Partner 2012-12-17

"Overall, nice shots of the food on trays. A bit disappointed with the shots of the baker - we had asked for them to be candid. Seems as though photographer was not comfortable taking these shots - several awkward and stiff poses from the baker. Would have liked to see a little creativity with the shots of the ingredients - perhaps to include some action (e.g., cracking an egg) -- perhaps something more similar to the shot of the baker pulling the tray out of the oven, which was nice."

SmartShoot Partner 2013-01-07

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