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Carlo Diazzo

Photography and Videography · Miami Gardens Florida United States

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Carlo Diazzo is the Davinci behind Plexy Media LLC, with the position of Creative Director he has shown his passion for film, photography, cinematography, editing and the arts in general. He has had the opportunity to be trained in film workshops with greats such as Francis Ford Coppola, Coen Brothers, Martins Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Vittorio Storaro and Zhang Yimou. As part of this journey I have also been part of the international cinema and TV school of Cuba, recognized as one of the best in the world according to Steven Spielberg and Francis Coppola. He is currently part of full sail university where he is a few months away from obtaining his master degree in digital cinematography. Additionally, during many years of sacrifice, he also earned his bachelor degree in computer science, whose career has given him a broad knowledge of the technologies that surround us today. As a professional, he has worked on many projects such as short films, television channels, music videos, documentaries, EPK's, Advertising Videos, Marketing Strategies, Web Development, Youtube channels for influencers, brands, etc. Its objective is to help you refine or create your branding with the application of marketing strategies, video production, social media moderation, SEO, among other services available with Brainwave Advertising. Note: Remember that advertising is part of the art of persuading, creating good content either videos or photographs and knowing how to handle emotions through good storytelling is the key to engaging.

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