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Firefly Productions

Videography · Covington Kentucky United States

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There is one thing that everyone has: Photos. Lots & lots of photos, in digital & "old style" prints. And nowadays, people even find themselves with hours of video footage, all sitting on shelves, in boxes or in various folders on your computer. Usually we all have the best of intentions after a special event or trip to take the photos and/or video we have, personally combine them all together into a masterpiece, & then put the final product on DVD or in a digital format online to share with others. But not only is it a time consuming process, it can also be difficult if you have stubborn or older technology. Time & life gets in the way, & the perfect creation you had in your mind never comes to life. Here's the thing: It's not too late to get a video of that magical trip you took to Seattle, or to your first game at Soldier Field. The process is simple: You hand it all over to us & we'll handle putting everything together into a DVD and/or other digital format so you have that keepsake you've had in mind all along. You give us any special requests like music or other add-ons, and we'll do our best to capture that masterpiece you wanted!

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Example: Production Services