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Candace Greene

Photography · NY United States

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Candace Greene Photography – People and Events Photographer, NYC Candace Greene is an events and portrait photographer from Brooklyn, New York. She specializes in small business and non-profit photography. As a small child, she was always interested in photography and would save up her allowance to buy film after she was given a camera as a gift. It wasn’t until high school that she knew photography was her first love. The realities of life took her out of the dark room and into the real world where she would have to put the camera aside, but of course, this was not a life she desired and found a way to blend her passion and career. The blending started during the years when she worked for educational organizations, which included 2 charter schools and an educational financial consulting firm. She began to move away from her roles in finance to take on more of the visual and marketing aspects of the organizations as well as other organizations and individuals seeking portraits. She quickly learned that her passion was providing imagery that connected people and showcased their human side. Her services to these organizations cause a sort of culture shift, bringing team members together and opening the organization to its clientele and stakeholders to be known on a more intimate level.

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