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Bruce Weaver

Photography and Videography · Lummi Island Washington United States

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It's a brave new world for storytellers and storytelling! Equipped with a modern, DLSR for video and photography when needed, its my iPhone, iPad and GoPro camera that have become my "go-to" system for transmedia productions. This set-up is light and flexible, allowing me to shoot and edit short stories on-the-run. My iPad and iPhone are loaded with the best apps for transmedia production and my social media platforms are dialed-in from instagram, tweeter, Facebook and Google Plus. I use web based storytelling platforms such as racontr and storehouse, and with maps(google earth), photos, videos, audio, as a storyteller, I have unlimited ways to tell a story and help an audience engage the stories of this brave new world. Bruce Weaver is a Transmedia creator using new technology, and web platforms for storytelling with motion and sound. A scholarship winner and graduated of Vancouver Film School, Bruce filmed, edited and produced a feature-length documentary, Dance With Destiny and since turned his attention to video shorts involving people, places, purpose and food. Bruce is a natural-born DIYer and passionate solutions thinker for becoming good stewards of the earth, using what we have to meet our needs. To that end, Bruce is a skilled investigative researcher the way a kid investigates a candy store; leaving no jar unexamined, wide-eyed, and unbounded curiosity.

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