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Brook Harris

Photography · Minneapolis Minnesota United States

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22 ratings
47 jobs completed

My name is Brook Harris, I grew up in Santa Barbara, CA. My family moved to Minnesota in the mid 80's, which is the time I first found out what wind chill was, and yes I still live in this beautiful state. I am a Photographer who is growing in his craft. I specialize in Landscape Photography, Real Estate Photography, and Automobile Photography. I have had the fortune to shoot movie stills for local films, as well as event photography. Plain and simple I love photography and never leave the home without my trusty Fuji x-pro.

Brook Harris's Overall Rating

"Thank you for submitting the pictures!"

ThibautTuro 2017-01-31

"Thanks! Please for next times make sure all exterior required photos must have the vehicle centered in frame, with a flat horizon."

ClaraTuro 2017-04-14

"Thanks for the upload! Please watch out that the car is centered on the photo!"

RyanTuro 2017-08-18

"Thank you Brook. For next times, please make sure to keep the same focus for the exterior pictures. The car should be centered in all the exterior pictures, except for the extra pictures. Best - Thibaut"

ThibautTuro 2017-02-09

"Your pictures are great but be careful the car should be centered in all the exterior pictures, except for the extra pictures. Our website automatically crops 20% of each picture to provide the best user experience on all devices. We also just need landscape format. Best - Clara"

ClaraTuro 2017-03-17

"Better than your previous shoot! Thanks"

ClaraTuro 2017-06-23