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Videography · Albuquerque United States

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When Brent was only 4-years-old his father took him to see Star Wars at his grandfather’s theater in Taos, New Mexico. It was the very beginning of Brent’s film career. Like so many others of his generation, he was completely taken in by the power of this cinematic experience. Once home, he took hold of his kindergarten crayons and set out to illustrate a 47 page book of what he had seen on the silver screen. Later as a young teenager he began casting his siblings and friends in home video productions and took every opportunity to get his teachers at school to allow him to turn oral reports into video documentary projects. Because there were no film or video classes available, he also persuaded the librarian into allowing him to become a library aide. But the agreement was that instead of helping with the books he would teach himself how to edit on a dusty VHS editing console that the high school staff only used to make dubs. Immediately after high school graduation, Brent secured an internship at a local TV station while a college freshman. By the time he finished his bachelor's degree, he was working full time as a professional freelancer, shooting for NBC, CNN, FOX NEWS and the host of national network broadcast companies. Brent has now been working as a professional filmmaker for over 15 years and has developed skills at everything from shooting to editing, 3D animation/motion graphics to directing and producing. His work experience has spanned broadcast television, corporate video, commercials, documentaries, short and feature films. - with numerous video awards to his name. With both a remarkable breadth and depth of experience and talent, Brent can help you succeed in whatever production services you need from work as a freelancer to a full service production.

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