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Videography · Walled Lake United States

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Bill Adams grew up in south central Michigan on a farm and the son of a crop duster / aircraft mechanic. To say flying is in Bill's blood is an understatement. An FAA licensed pilot Bill loves all forms of flight. An avid UAV pilot for 25 plus years, both builder and pilot Bill enjoys small scale aircraft as much as full scale. Safety is always the first item on every checklist for Bill. Midrone uses the fully GPS guided and terrain avoidance system equipped DJI Phantom 3. Preflight inspections, airspace clearance and a full flight plan are always the first items on the list for any project. For some flying is a recreation, for others it's a form of transportation. For Bill flying is a passion beyond anything else. Your Midrone pilot is ready to get the shots you haven't even imagined yet and make your subject come to life as only aerial photography can do.

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