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RAK Photography

Photography and Videography · Denver Colorado United States

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https://www.bernicephotography.com https://www.rocketphoto.com/pp/bernice-alvarez-king

RAK Photography's Overall Rating

"Hi Bernice, Thank you for uploading the pictures. Here are my feedback for next times: - Please strictly follow follow the photographer's guide: https://turo.com/photographers. We're indeed missing the front seats, backseats and dashboard pictures. We're also missing the extra pictures. All of them are required. - Please keep in mind that our website automatically crops 20% of each picture to optimize the user experience on all devices. This is why the Rear angle picture won't be really clear on the website. Thank you very much in advance, Thibaut"

Turo 2016-11-07

"Thank you"

ThibautTuro 2017-01-12

"Thank you. For next times, could you please make sure to shoot all required pictures? The interior picture of the dashboard is missing, as well as the extra pictures.. Also, regarding the exterior pictures, please make sure to have the car centered in all of them. Best - Thibaut"

ThibautTuro 2017-02-13

"Thank you Bernice. For next times, could you please make sure the wheels are straight on all uploaded pictures except the frontangle picture? Thank you very much in advance - Thibaut"

Turo 2016-11-21

"Thank you Bernice!"

ThibautTuro 2017-02-22

"Thank you for submitting your pictures. For next times, please keep in mind that our website automatically crops 20% of each picture. Therefore, please shoot from a further distance next time. Alos, please keep in mind to shoot the extra pictures (the comprehensive checklist of required pictures is available here: https://turo.com/photographers). Best - Thibaut"

ThibautTuro 2017-01-23

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