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Ben Abel-Bey

Photography and Videography · Seattle Washington United States

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236 jobs completed
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A selection of photos from retirement 7 senior living centers.

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BKD-Courtyard front entrance Puyallup BKD-Courtyard dining room Puyallup Brookdale Puyallup foyer BKD AllenmoreAL front entrance BKD AllenmoreAL media room BKD AllenmoreIL dining room view 1 BKD AllenmoreIL apartment Brookdale Bellevue front desk Brookdale Bellevue apartment view 2
BKD-Courtyard front patio Puyallup BKD-Courtyard apartment Puyallup Brookdale Puyallup dining room BKD AllenmoreAL foyer BKD AllenmoreIL front entrance BKD AllenmoreIL dining room view 2 BKD AllenmoreIL gym Brookdale Bellevue dining room Brookdale Bellevue library
BKD-Courtyard lounge Puyallup Brookdale Puyallup front entrance Brookdale Puyallup salon BKD AllenmoreAL dining room BKD AllenmoreIL common room BKD AllenmoreIL garden BKD AllenmoreIL lounge Brookdale Bellevue apartment view 1