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Brandon Batie

Photography and Videography · Ogden United States

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Brandon Batie is a photographer and digital artist located in Roy, Utah. Born in Salt Lake City, UT at the base of Rocky Mountains his father was an early influence with the fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. There was almost always a camera around, but it wasn’t until his teens that Brandon got his first camera. Even though he loved taking pictures, of nature and even staging photos that mimic advertising styles it wasn’t until his early 30’s that he considered photography as a career. Being somewhat of a writer as well Brandon approached newspapers to get his articles published. He was advised that they may sell better with accompanying photos. SO grabbing his camera he went out and got some images for the articles. After published several articles related to nature the paper contacted Brandon to go on a assignment as a Freelance photographer. Shooting a variety of editorial images for print and some personal portrait sessions his career was set. But, it wasn’t until moving to Cincinnati that he got his first full time position as a photographer with a local studio, mainly photographing high school seniors, families and children. All the time he focused on the side with his nature photography and his own artwork. One of which was digital painting. After years of trying different plugins and action he came to the conclusion that it only looked good when done by hand. Brandon now takes his photographs and hand paints them to get the look he wants. He uses various brushes and settings for different looks and styles.

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