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Andy Allen Photography

Photography · Decatur Georgia United States

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156 ratings
156 jobs completed

I have been a professional photographer for over 25 years shooting Fashion, Product, Travel, as well as both Commercial and Residential Architectural Photography. I mainly shoot digital now, but I have been a photographer since the days of film and proofing by Polaroids. I am equally skilled and comfortable shooting both in the studio and on location. I was a staff photographer for two of Atlanta's largest commercial studios as a Fashion Photographer and Product Photographer shooting both tabletop and large scale room sets in the studio and large scale fashion catalogs for both print and web on location and in the studio. The quality of my work is consistent to what is represented in my SmartShoot portfolios, as well as my personal website. Thanks for viewing my portfolios and considering me.

Andy Allen Photography's Overall Rating

"Really nice work. Thanks for paying such close attention to the style guide, looks great"

DoorDash 2016-05-16

"Looks great! Hero 1v1 is the one we'll use because it's simpler than the other versions. Thanks for providing a few different options!"

DoorDash 2016-06-02


DoorDash 2016-05-22

"Great! Thanks for providing multiple hero shots. Hero 2 is perfect."

DoorDash 2016-05-16

"Great work. Love the product shots. Hero 3 is the best, we prefer focusing on just a few key items so the header doesn't look crowded. Well done!"

DoorDash 2016-05-23


DoorDash 2016-05-22

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