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Photography · Pittsburgh United States

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ABOUT THE CREATIVE My name is Andrew and I am an independent social media manager as well as food and travel photographer from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. When I was kid, I hated everything about cameras thanks to some horrible memories of my dad trying to take my picture everywhere we went. I look back at pictures from when I was a kid on the first day of school and still hear my dad getting frustrated saying &quot;Andrew OPEN YOUR EYES&quot; as my eyes would be closed picture after picture. My family and I took many trips together when I was a young kid. Anywhere from Maine down to the Adirondack mountains we would go camping, hiking, or mountain biking and my dad would take pictures of everything. Every time my went out on a trip my father always brought his Kodak point and shoot and every time I would end up in tears after my eyes would be closed in every picture from the flash. It's safe to say that I've always been pretty awkward in front of the camera, and that hasn't changed even today. I remember when I first got into photography 3 years ago my dad would tell me all about his &quot;glory days&quot; when he would take trips with his buddies and all the pictures they would get along the way. He loves to reminisce how when he was in college how he worked for the school paper. He talked about how he would carry his camera around campus and take pictures of girls on their way to class or at the school's basketball games. I would laugh thinking about how different I was 30 years later. I hate to admit it but who my dad was back then, is me now. Although I don't work for my colleges newspaper, I do carry my camera with me everywhere I go. My gear might be totally different from his Kodak or old film camera, but I've really lived up to exactly who my dad was 30 years ago. Life is funny that way. I try to document everything just like he did, from trips I take with friends to different parts of the country to stuff around my small city it is clear to see that my dad's habit of documenting everything actually had a huge impact on who I have become today. Thanks for reading.

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