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Andrea Chiesa

Photography and Videography · Alessandria, Piemonte Italy

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I define myself as an imaginographer, a term which is the fruit of my imagination and does not exist in the dictionary, but represents my work well. A visual communication approach independent of the medium used. A method that goes beyond the single form, thus photography, cinema, design and music converge to emphasise the message, the content to be communicated. These considerations are the result of a journey that is as yet incomplete but which I began twenty years ago with theatrical photography, an intense adventure during which I discovered the magic of the theatre, the humanity of the actors and the public. A period that increased my ability to concentrate to the extent necessary to be able to distance myself from the superfluous and focus my sensitivity on what is not immediately noticeable to the eyes but which contains the deepest and most intense meanings. In the theatre you are alone, in the muffled darkness time expands, you learn to be ready to catch the fleeting moment and observe "intellectually" the real / unreal space of the stage in front of you, you learn to observe the smallest details, to give meaning to and find meaning in things. My skills have expanded over time and merged into this multimedia vision aimed at telling the spectator of our productions the realities of our customers by involving them emotionally, stimulating their dreams and desires, leading them to reflect on and not passively accept the values ​​communicated.

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