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Amy Wilson

Photography and Videography · Yuma Arizona United States

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20 ratings
20 jobs completed

Check out my website at: yumarealestatephotography.com I'm a wife and mom to the world's best people. We've been in Yuma for four years now, and just love it! The diverse landscapes from the river to the farms have really captured my heart. I love all types of photography, but I've always had a love for houses - as a result, I find that I have a special affinity for real estate photography. I always strive to take BRIGHT, and CLEAN photos, using Yuma's beautiful natural light to my advantage. I seek to capture a home's space and comforts as well as it's features which make it unique - such as some charming flowers on the property, or a distinctive tile backsplash. Please contact me here or call me at 928-366-8665

Amy Wilson's Overall Rating

"Looks good, thank you. In the future, for hero shots should be an overhead shot."

Grubhub Manager 2019-02-11

"Hero image should be an overhead shot. Thank you."

Grubhub Manager 2019-02-18

"1. INCONSISTENT CROPPING-- please make sure you are maintaining a consistent 50/50 ratio (food to background) in all shots. This is especially important if there are large and small sized dishes. Example: the Buffalo Wings are too tiny in the frame, we are seeing too much background. The Family Size Salad has the proper amount of background. We need to make sure the food is filling the same amount of frame across the board. 2. Next time, try to include props such as utensils, napkins, drinks, side dishes, etc to communicate size and proportion. Implementing more propping in the frame will allow images to look less static and give diners more perspective."

Grubhub Manager 2019-10-21

"Looks good, thank you."

Grubhub Manager 2019-02-08

"Looks good, thank you."

Grubhub Manager 2019-02-21

"Well done! Thank you."

Grubhub Manager 2019-11-27

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