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Amy Williamson

Videography · San Diego California United States

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Passionate Creative composition Multi cultural influences Documentary Travel Inspired to share Unique perspectives Vision Cameras have always had a place in my hands, heart, and mind. Working with a creative, aware, and intuitive approach; telling stories and visions thru imagery. I have been working in images my entire life. It is the way I relate to the world. With my inspirations coming from many cultures as I have travelled or the many artists I have been touched by. During my school years I found a love and attraction to artisans like Ansel Adams, Van Gogh, and Picasso and as my style began to form it was vibrant, dramatic, and emotional. As a young adult I found kinship with artistic peers, finding commonality and understanding together through our inner vision and love of connecting to nature. My first video production position came in 2003, working for an action sports television show. In 2005 I was recruited to work for Sony Playstation, followed up by a position as documentary videographer for the Jacobs Foundation. Since leaving these positions I have produced my own projects or worked along side other colleagues, providing our personalized and artistic pieces. For these 15 professional years in video creation, business contracts are being made via personal relationships, referral and return clients. The focus of my work in the last 3 years has been with spiritual counselors, facilitators, and education, documenting and creating promotional pieces. I have filmed a huge variety of subjects from action to narrative, promotional, commercial and documentary. I love filming regardless of the the format or subject. Narrative is creative and fun, as the images construct a story. Action appeals to the part of me that requires intense focus and skilled filming. Documentary thrills me, as I enter the flow state of creation as I must make quick decisions while keeping the camera going. Promotional work I find interesting, as I learn about a new business or person and what images best tell their story. With inspiration and heart, I aim to create a piece that will capture attention and evoke emotion, thoughts, ideas, or questions. It’s not what we see, it is how we see it!

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