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Photography and Videography · Orlando United States

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By freelancing for over 10 years in many different areas of the entertainment and technology fields, I have gained a wide range of skills to bring to your project. In that time I've worked a wide variety of clients including but not limited to attorneys, professional athletes, businesses, music production studios, non-profits, politicians, personal accounts, and artists. Some of my previous clients include The Central Florida Commission on Homelessness's Rethink Homelessness Campaign, DawgArt, and Skillshare.com . One of my videos, Cardboard Stories: Homeless In Orlando, went viral last year reaching over 6 million views. It was also shared and written about in over 500 web publications and is available to view in my reel. I provide a well-rounded experience in multiple fields along with a tech-centered skill-set which allows me to offer my clients a wide-variety of services. Some of my video services include: VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY • Video Editing • Video Production • Motion Graphics • Voice Over Artist • Sound Effects • Photoshop • Photo Editing • Graphic Design • Photo Restoration • 4K Stock Photos & Video • Raw Stock Photography • Sound Design

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