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Allan Mendez Photography

Photography · Hayward California United States

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I photograph for Architects, Builders, Interior Designers, Real Estate Brokers, Restaurants and Local Food Manufacturers. My photographic journey has taught me how to explore and appreciate line, shape, form and space and bring out its beauty by using available and artificial lights intuitively to create a hyper-realistic representation of architecture, space, as well as food and beverage. My food story: The art and techniques of photography led me to food photography and food styling. This particular niche has also led me to prop styling and most of the props I collected were inspired by my ranch lifestyle back in the Philippines. Being brought up in a farm environment, I just could not resist to aim my lens onto food, especially organic food. My former way of living has inspired me to present food in a rustic, yet refreshing and appetizing angle. Appreciating food is the central ingredient to producing a believable and enjoyable food story. My understanding of seeing and manipulating light helped developed a distinct flair that complements my unique photographic voice.

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