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Alex Quesada

Photography · Pleasanton California United States

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Why do I photograph the world around me? I was raised traveling; Latin America, Asia, and Europe, where I grew up in Spain. Making sense of all that I see, feel, and hear, is what happens when I put it all in photographic frame. It's done with a sense for the light, the spaces, and the movements in these. After listening to my clients, and expanding on ideas, I produce the images they are looking for, always searching for that something extra and unexpected. This approach has addressed the needs of clients such as SECURITAS, ZEISS, Florida Crystals, Wyndham Hotels, L'Express, Chronicle for Higher Education, Fortune, Forbes, New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, Der Spiegel, Stern, The Times of London, The Guardian, Time, BlueStar Foods, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and Citibank. Boardrooms, buildings, banks, military barracks, political rallies, and pueblos; I am discreet and respectful of where I shoot. Let's shoot!

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