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Photography · Lakewood United States

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My first camera was a cheap point-and-shoot like most people had before cell phone cameras were popular. At that time, it was not a great camera by any stretch of the imagination, but it sparked my passion for photography. I eventually got my hands on my fathers old 35mm film camera, and that was when I really started experimenting with my work and realized there was something truly special about framing a moment through my lens and getting the shot. I have always set high standards for my self, but my photography I hold to the highest. In High School I focused all of my attention on photography and took all the photo courses offered. I was featured in a few galleries displayed by the school and received various awards from judged art shows. I first started getting paid to take pictures for people my Junior year of High School. Since then I have furthered my education in photography through workshops and classes. I have worked with a variety of people from owners of clothing stores to real-estate agents, and of course family portraits and senior pictures! However my favorite work is with bands. I truly love the unpredictable challenges that may arise. I feel it keeps me sharp, always focusing on every little detail to make sure the shot is perfect. I will always have heroes to look up to for inspiration, because there will always be room for improvement.

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