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Alessio Padovese

· Camposampiero Italy

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Alessio Padovese was born on 07 June 1975 in Camposampiero (PD – ITALY) He went to the Literature and Philosophy faculty at the University of Padova but dropped out in order to pursue his passion for cinema, and although he opted to buy 16mm film instead of paying for his tuition fees, he never abandoned the reading and studying of poets, philosophers and writers. He entirely produced and financed his first attempt at a feature film, a project shot completely in 16mm called “L’altrui mio sguardo”, experience that taught him a great deal about directing, cinematography and especially production. After that he started to study photography and took up jobs at small independent productions of shorts, first as a camera operator and then as director of photography. At around the same time he worked, again as a camera operator and DoP, in a few commercials and had his first position as a production manager within a production house working mainly on regional TV and sport events as well as commercials. At the age of 30 he decided to specialize in production with a documentary titled “David & Goliath”, a project financed by Thames Valley University of London, for which he also did the photography work. This was the start of a partnership with the production house Videonoir, where he chiefly realised commercials but also developed 2 feature films. For “Oltre il fiume” he wrote the project for regional and national funding as well as managing the writing of script, screenplay and storyboard. For “Piani eterni”, based on Sebastiano Vassalli’s book “Marco e Mattio” he wrote the production project, managed the fundraising, scouted the locations, organized the shots, wrote the screenplay and realized a video titled “Mattio, i luoghi, le voci, il suono” shown at the Mostra del Cinema di Venezia”. “BANDIZA – Storie venete di confine”, a documentary where he put together all his past experiences from production to photography, is his debut as a director.

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